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Want To Get Back Into That Dress? Consider A Tummy Tuck

Dr. Mike Song | 08/09/2021

Learn about the areas of concern that a tummy tuck will address


Do I need a TUMMY TUCK or Do I need LIPOSUCTION?

Dr. Mike Song | 06/08/2021

This article will guide help guide your decision on the best procedure for you


Tackling Common Tummy Tuck Myths

Dr. Mike Song | 04/05/2021

If you are bothered by the appearance of stretched skin or stubborn fatty deposits, tummy tuck surgery may be the perfect solution.


How to get your Holiday Glow: Laser Facial Treatments

Dr. Mike Song | 12/10/2020

Improve the appearance of your skin and correct minor facial irregularities.


More Than Skin Deep: A modern guide to reducing the signs of aging 

Dr. Mike Song | 10/14/2020

How laser and radio frequency treatments rejuvenate your skin


What you need to know about Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Dr. Mike Song | 10/07/2020

Otoplasty is the medical term for ear reshaping of the external ear.


What is the difference between a facelift and necklift?

Dr. Mike Song | 09/30/2020

Standard or full facelifts are a popular cosmetic procedure for the face & neck


Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Mike Song | 09/23/2020

Laser hair removal uses a pulsating beam of light directed to hair follicles.


What is Retin-A and BB Sunscreen and why do you need it?  

Dr. Mike Song | 09/16/2020

Our skin serves many functions therefore it is important to maintain it.


Shoulders Back and Chin Up!

Dr. Mike Song | 08/31/2020

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure done to reshape or improve the size of


Three Procedures To Refresh Your Face for a Younger Appearance 

Dr. Mike Song | 08/18/2020

What options exist if you are considering face producers?


Torn Earlobe Repair

Dr. Mike Song | 08/05/2020

Ear lobe rips will likely leave a visible scar, ear lobe surgery can repair it.


Can I get liposuction on my neck and chin?

Dr. Mike Song | 07/22/2020

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells altering the shape of the body


What you should know about Lip Augmentation

Dr. Mike Song | 07/09/2020

Are you looking for fuller lips that result in a balanced facial appearance?


Everything you need to know about Facial Fat Grafting

Dr. Mike Song | 07/02/2020

Facial fat grafting: answers to common questions concerning the procedure


Everything you need to know about Dermal Fillers

Dr. Mike Song | 06/26/2020

Injectable dermal fillers: fast and non-invasive way to achieve appearance


5 Tips YOU should know about BOTOX®

Dr. Mike Song | 06/17/2020

Are you considering BOTOX? This will give you everything you need to know.


10 Simple Skin Care Tips

Dr. Mike Song | 06/04/2020

10 easy skincare techniques that will help anyone achieve a flawless appearance


Everything You Need to Know About Skin

Dr. Mike Song | 05/28/2020

Everything You Need to Know About Skin


5 Ways to Know You’ve Picked the Right Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mike Song | 05/20/2020

Tips on how to pick the right Plastic Surgeon for you


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