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5 Tips YOU should know about BOTOX®

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BOTOX® cosmetic is a non-invasive treatment to reduce the signs of facial aging from Millennials to Baby Boomers.  BOTOX® temporarily softens muscles, when contracted, produce creases and wrinkles. 

So, if you are considering BOTOX®, here are few things to know.

1. What types of facial wrinkles can benefit from BOTOX® treatments? 

  • Forehead- Horizontal lines that form during facial expression 
  • Brow- Known as the glabella.  Active lines between the brows “11 lines”. 
  • Outer corner of eyes- Active lines are known as “crow’s feet” 
  • Upper Nose- Active upper nasal squint lines also known as “Bunny lines”.

2. What does BOTOX® treatment feel like and how long does it take?

Botox treatments take only a few minutes.  The discomfort is mild discomfort.  No anesthesia is required but I prefer to administer a topical numbing cream for my patient’s comfort.  The BOTOX® skillfully placed into specific muscles. It generally takes three to seven days to take full effect.

3. How long do BOTOX® treatments last?

A BOTOX® treatment will last about three months, on average.  In some individuals the treatment may last longer

4. Can treatments with BOTOX® prevent further growth of wrinkles and age lines?

When you get consistent BOTOX® injections, the treatments can delay wrinkles from getting deeper or worse.  BOTOX® does not stop aging.  It allows you to age gracefully.

5. Who should administer my Botox?

There are many skillful practitioners that can administer BOTOX®.  Whomever you choose to administer your treatment please check their credentials and make sure that they have extensive experience and a very detailed understanding a facial anatomy. 

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.