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Breast Lift in Mastopexy in Duluth, GA

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Over time, breasts change in size and shape and may begin to lose their perkiness, causing sagging. These changes may be caused by natural factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, or age. If you have experienced an undesired change in your breasts, you may consider having breast lift surgery at Prima Center for Plastic Surgery in Duluth. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your desired look, as well as learn about the different types of breast lift procedures, and which option may be best for you. We will discuss the cost of a breast lift during your consultation as well. Breast lift surgery can be performed with or without implants and is a decision that will be made after discussing your aesthetic goals. Our Atlanta area cosmetic surgeons have an extensive background in breast surgeries and will ensure that you receive natural looking, beautiful results.

Surgical Technique

During a breast lift surgery, incisions will be made around the skin-color line of the areola. It may extend vertically, down to the crease of the breast, or extend further to a horizontal incision following the breast crease direction. How extensive the incision will be depends on how much skin must be removed. The excess skin will be trimmed away and the underlying tissues tightened. Techniques are available that use the breast tissue that hangs below the crease of the breast and use this to re-contour the breast giving improved breast projection and more upper pole fullness. This technique is generally referred to as a dermal pedicle auto augmentation with an internal bra. If you are a candidate for this procedure this will be discussed with you at the time of your breast lift consultation. After the breast tissue is reshaped the remaining excess skin will be contoured. Creating an aesthetic result with a natural result and a well healed incision is the ultimate goal. While no plastic surgeon can guarantee a result or a perfect scar every effort is made to be as proactive as possible when it comes to scarring. Every patient must understand that a scar is as individual to you as your fingerprint. We all have our own unique ability to heal. There are many proven modalities that improve scarring such as taping and the use of silicone gel products. Your plastic surgeon will discuss proactive methods necessary for you to make as good a scar as possible. If you have sufficient natural breast tissue then a breast implant will not be neccessary for you to achieve your aesthetic goals in breast lift surgery. If you have sagging breasts with lack of breast volume then a breast implant can be inserted at the same time to give improved breast projection, shape and upper pole fullness. In most cases we can use our Vectra 3D imaging system to help you visualize your projected result with and without an implant. If an implant is needed it can be placed either in the submuscular or subfascial position. The positioning of the implant is a choice that you will make with the assistance of your plastic surgeon. As always we will listen to your desires and together we will make decisions to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Incision Types

Women who contemplate undergoing breast lift surgery often wonder what the incisions will look like and what to expect after the procedure. Unfortunately it is not possible to perform a breast lift without making incisions. All of the incisions are located around the areola and on the lower pole of the breast. These incisions and their resulting scars are easily concealed by your bra and bathing suite top. The extent of the incisions will definitely vary depending on how severe your breast sagging is and how much breast tissue is located below the crease under the breast. At the time of your personal consultation with our plastic surgeons your breasts will be examined and measurements will be taken. This examination will help us determine the type of breast lift that is best suited to your unique anatomy. The most common incisions are the following:

  • Incision made along the line surrounding the areola;
  • Incision made along the line surrounding the areola, plus a vertical incision down to the natural crease below the breast;
  • Incision made along the line surrounding the areola, plus a vertical incision down to the natural crease below the breast, and another horizontal line following the direction of the breast fold.

During/After Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed using general anesthesia at an accredited surgery facility. On average, the procedure may last up to 2 hours. The recovery will vary as some patients will have had a breast lift in combination with a reduction surgery, or with augmentation using implants. Regardless, patients will be encouraged to move around within the first 48 hours. Activities such as carrying heavy objects or any activity that puts pressure on the chest must be avoided. Most patients can resume normal activities within a couple of weeks, but exercise should not be attempted for 6-8 weeks. There will be some scarring associated with this procedure, but with extra care they will heal and fade, and many patients feel they become secondary to a more beautiful breast shape.

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Breast Lift FAQs

Lift or Augmentation?

It depends on the patient’s aesthetic goals and the current breast form. A breast lift will help correct a sagging, drooping breast. Many times after this surgery, patients are happy with their breast size because the lift alone creates a fuller breast. If the patient wishes to have more volume and increase the breast size, implants will resolve this issue. Before surgery, a thorough consultation and assessment will be performed, and your plastic surgeon will recommend if a lift alone is all that is needed, or if an augmentation and a lift may be done as a combination surgery.

Nipple Repositioning?

It is common in a breast lift procedure that the nipple is repositioned so that it looks proportional to the newly shaped breast. When excess skin is trimmed away, a portion of an overly stretched areola (the colored skin around the nipple) is simultaneously trimmed away. The goal is for the nipple and areola to be within a normal size and position.  It is important to know that the nipple is not completely detached from the underlying breast tissue it is just repositioned to a new and more youthful position.  

How Bad Is Scarring?

When incisions are made to trim away the skin, scars are an inevitable part of the process. Plastic surgeons are experts when it comes to minimizing scarring with precise techniques when it comes to incisions and suturing. Every effort is made to create the best possible scar.  How a person forms a scar is as personal to them as is their fingerprint.  The trick to plastic surgery is to place the scar along the lines of relaxed skin tension.  Decreasing tension on the scar by sound suturing techniques as well as the use of surgical taping and support bras all aid in helping each patient form the best scar that is possible.  A post-surgery scar care program will be provided, and patients are strongly encouraged to follow the plan so that healing is healthy and quick.

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