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Reviews for Thigh Lift Procedures Near Duluth, GA

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Review from S.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Dec 12, 2022

Consultation - tummy tuck & breast lift with removal of axillary tissue. - Had the privilege to consult with Dr. Song this afternoon for a plethora of issues that need reconstruction: botched extended tummy tuck redo, botched breast lift redo w/ axillary tissue removal, correct asymmetry of botched back lipo, and additional arm & thigh lift.Due to the severity of the complications I had with the procedures performed overseas, Dr. Song advised to begin my reconstruction journey by attacking my anterior body; tummy tuck & breast lift with removal of axillary tissue. He emphasized that he would not be flipping over (face down), in other words, he would not perform lipo or excise skin from my back during my 1st surgery. This would potentially fall in phase 2/3, contingent upon successful healing of my abdominal & breast redos. Due to my sleep apnea my surgeries would need to be performed at the hospital.Unfortunately, I currently do not have a belly button due to my previous botched experience and Dr. Song explained that we would not even attempt to create a new belly button (neo umbilicus) at this point in order to curtail potential blood circulation/infection issues. This one was a hard pill to swallow because I've been waiting for a new belly button since I got botched in mid-2000's. Also, he advised against me getting implants along with my breast lift redo (due to potential rejection of foreign object). Doc urged me to "trust his plan" and honestly, I know his plan is conservative in comparison to all the TikTok surgeons however, my now wiser & mature self & intuition tell me that I have found my symmetry Angel.I've been battling with shame, depression and fear from my "botched" experience in Bogotá.I nearly died and was left severely disfigured to the point that I no longer have a belly button, I have a hard mass in my stomach which is causing me to have back & mobility issues, my back skin sags, and my husband & father of my children abandoned US because of how "hideous my turned out" - his words exactly. So you see, if Dr. Song can work his magic slowly but surely - I'M DOWN!I've done enough spiritual, mental and emotional healing. Recently underwent VSG surgery to lose the excessive weight I've packed on these past 17 years drowning in my own self-pity. It's time to heal my exterior! 2023 is my come back year!PSDoc has excellent bedside manners and is very attentive. He was not dismissive, yet firm on his plan on how to approach my situation with what I'm currently working with: a botched canvas. I respect that! It shows that he can't be lured with money by stacking procedure over procedure to rack up a bill. He is invested in his patient's safety & FINAL outcome.One thing I totally forgot to ask him is if he does J-Plasma for skin tightening during his procedures. I'll email his team to find out.Looking forward to completing my with round with Song mid 2023, as I expect to be closer to my goal weight of 130-150lbs by then. I'm currently at 225lbs. More

Review from J.F.  |  Source: Google  |  Apr 20, 2021

I am very pleased with the service I have received from Prima Center. All interactions from the front desk staff to Dr. Zwerin have exceeded expectation. I first reached out for a consultation in 2020. Due to Covid, they were doing zoom consultations. Dr. Z was very thorough during our consult and he presented a PowerPoint slide show to cover all the necessary topics. I came into the office for a second consultation because he needed to see my thighs in person. From there I scheduled to have surgery about 3 months later. Due to excess weight loss, I have the skin removed on my stomach, arms and thighs (all at one time). The communication leading up to surgery was great. Surgery went as planned! The follow up care was great. I had some issues with my thighs and Dr. Z made himself available via cell phone and went so far as to meet me at the office over the wknd when they were closed just to make sure I was okay and to give me additional surgical dressings because I had ran out and the stores did not have any. I am now almost 6 months post surgery and I am so pleased with me experience. I am happy I chose this office. I would definitely recommend them over many others that I considered. More

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