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Reviews for Smartlipo™ Procedures Near Duluth, GA

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Patient Story
Review from S.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 08, 2017

Backfat Be Gone - I chose Dr. Song due to his numerous positive views, his wealth of knowledge, willingness to answer questions, and open honesty during my consult regarding what I could expect. This journey has been a long one as I originally planned to go elsewhere. Let me take you through my process. First things, I worked out 6 days a week for the last year and have now increased to 7 with 3 days a week doing TWO a days! My issue is not necessarily lack of exercise nor diet as I tend to keep that under control. My backfat appears to partly be genetic. I originally looked at going to DR because a few of my friends went. I decided saving a few extra bucks wasn't worth dying and not being home where I can control my post-op care. I looked at Duran and a few others and the botched surgeries I saw on Facebook were too much for me. I was then looking at Fisher in Miami. I hated the way the girls in the front desk/ on the phones behaved to some degree. They were sweet in terms of getting back but they wouldn't answer any questions I had and just kept saying "okay you can book" *in a thick heavy Spanish accent* after I had my online consult. That didn't sit well and I didn't like the pressure of, he's booking early. So that led me to Dr. Song after reading a lot of his good reviews. He was patient (ha) today in answering all of my questions, we talked about some of everything from potential complications to preventing back fat in the future... He gave me a realistic expectation and discussed the fact that I may not see everything I want but will see a vast improvement. He's optimistic given my health & commitment. I was so confident in his abilities that I put down my deposit today and scheduled everything. I'm weighing in at 216 and hoping to get to 199 in the next couple weeks. I will keep you all updated. More

Patient Story
Review from M.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Feb 12, 2015

5'6 140lbs After 6 kids, it's time to Repair the Damage - Duluth, GA - I'm finally ready for my mommy makeover. My youngest child is 4 months old and I was planning lipo around this time last year, but I had to postpone due to our little surprise. I met with the ps yesterday, and I put my deposit down today for March 11th. Only 4 short weeks away! I decided to have a breast revision of my 10.5 yr old smooth, round, saline 350cc implants (done after 3rd child), lipo of the abdomen, sides, back, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, and a "lower only" tummy tuck revision (original was done after 4th child, 4.5 years ago). The benefits of the prior surgeries were compromised with the subsequent pregnancies. This time I'm going with the Mentor memory shape textured silicone implants. I'd like to go bigger, possibly with a 475/500 range implant so that I can achieve the volume and fullness that I feel would best fill out my large frame. Ps said I could/should definitely go larger than my current 350cc, but I won't be sized for the new implant until my pre-op on March 4th. I've been searching on real self for my wish boobs and I have found some great pics. I'm really excited to have my surgery done by Dr. Zwiren after having read many great reviews of him and his work on real self. I plan to add plenty of pics along my journey, and I would love to make some friends that have/are going through their makeovers as well. More

Review from C.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Feb 05, 2014

Tummy Tuck - I'm having smart lipo with a tummy tuck done - Lilburn, GA - Dr. Stephenson was very personable and answered all of my questions and didn't make me feel rushed at all. I even made it back to the waiting room after my consultation and remembered I had another question and the coordinator got him again for me. He's a very kind person and my procedure will be done in a hospital setting, which I am thrilled about...not in someone's back office... I'm so ready for this for this procedure...I opted out of the SMART LIPO as I know that I wouldn't get the same results and I'm looking for with the tummy tuck from my C-SECTION. Dr. Stephenson assured me that I wouldn't have to hunt him down for my post-op visits. I have read about some doctors not following up with their patients. Things go well, I'll most definitely be using this Doctor again for my nose job. I loved his honesty in regard to a BBL...MOST DOCTORS WOULD TAKE YOUR MONEY, KNOWING YOUR RESULTS WOULD BE LESS THEN IMPRESSIVE... Let me end by saying " Dr. Stephenson is a cutie, too"... More

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