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Large Heavy Breasts


50 - 59
5’ 0” - 5’ 5”
150 - 199 lbs

Procedure Details


Breast Reduction

This patient in her early  50's came to the office to discuss a Breast Reduction procedure. Not only was she concerned about the size of her breasts, but the painful symptoms associated with large breasts. Preoperatively this patient suffered from daily back, neck and shoulder pain. She was frequently taking over the counter pain medication without relief and was beginning to fear that the amount of medication she was taking would cause stomach damage.  She had a difficult time finding bras that fit her properly.   She was also having problems with the deep indentations of her shoulders from large breasts.   Preoperatively she was    a very full DD-Cup/F-Cup and desired to be a C-cup to be in proportion to the rest of her body.   Dr. Zwiren made three incisions, in an anchor type pattern with an breast crease incision, a vertical incision and an incisio around the areola.  These are all the standard breast reduction incisions.  The technique Dr. Zwiren selected for the procedure was a central mound.  He removed almost a pound of breast from each side and used the remaining breast tissue to reshape and lift the her breasts. Postoperatively the patient has her desired symmetrical, C-Cup breasts. Since her procedure her back, neck and shoulder pain has decreased. She fits into her clothing better.  She is extremely happy with the results of her surgery and is much more comfortable at work and exercising.  


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